Friday, April 13, 2012

I Too Was Lost

Then last night I decided, for some strange reason to update the SATNAV navigation device for my car, as the last time I used it had problems getting proper directions. Now, I have an absolutely appalling sense of direction and frequently get lost so the SATNAV is a Godsend for me. I left it to my son to do the update while I cooked dinner, but he failed to backup before he started and then discovered afterwards that it would not do anything. As it was late in the evening I took the decision to just leave it to wear it's battery down and try again in the morning.

As I prepared for bed I shot off a quick prayer to St. Anthony to help us fix it. When I arose this morning my son greeted me by waving the SATNAV at me with a grin a mile wide. He had fixed it, I have no idea how and I am not too sure he does, but it works and that is the main point. I thanked him and then as I sat down to breakfast I said a prayer of thanks to St. Anthony. The children looked at me in askance, “You can’t pray to St. Anthony to fix broken things” they said. My reply was that I had and that it had obviously worked, and besides it wasn’t just any old broken thing, without it I was in severe danger of getting lost, them with me too I might add, so therefore my prayer to St. Anthony was totally justified.

They remain unconvinced that it was St. Anthony at work, putting it down to sheer coincidence or luck. I maintain it was prayer and that St Anthony knows that I too was lost, away from God, for a long time, and now as I begin to find my way again, St. Anthony is right here with me.

Thank you to for a unique take on St. Anthony's assistance~