Sunday, April 1, 2012

St. Anthony To Guide Me

I told a friend that my booklet (that I needed very badly) was missing, and that I spent half of the day looking for it in all my bags and cabinets. She (from Ireland) said, "Pray to St Anthony for help". So I took her advice and asked St. Anthony to guide me find my missing booklet. At fist I was hesitant to look for it in my bags and cabinets because it would be a waste of time, but, I just tried one bag. Surprise, surprise I found my clip-on pair of sunglasses that had been missing for 3 months. This was a bonus and a very good sign. Now, my adrenaline came rushing in so I reached for the second bag. I noticed a concealed pocket that I did not inspect during my first search. BANG ! I found it !!! The booklet was there and I found it in less that 5 minutes! I was so excited it seemed like I was buoyed up with joy. I shared my experience with my wife and thanked St. Anthony for his help and God for making it possible. I immediately sent an email to my friend about the good news. I'm so happy... Happy reading everyone and God bless.

Thank you to for this story~