Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Deal Is A Deal

We lost the spare set of keys to my wife’s car about 3 months ago. We looked everywhere in the house several times. I searched all jackets as well, at least twice and my kid’s toyboxes as well. There was nowhere left in our house to search. I was going to get a new set at the dealership, but I was taken aback at how much this simple little key and remote would cost me - all together around $300.

I remember my grandmother talking about Saint Anthony before, and my vague recollection led me to do a google search for the saint of lost items. I read about it a bit and said a prayer. I remember reading that it is proper to publish your gratitude for receiving help – ie – if you ask, and prayers are answered, make your gratitude known. So, I said the prayer and stated that if I find the keys that I would invest the time and a few bucks to create a website to both honor Saint Anthony and express my gratitude for receipt of his help.

Well, this evening as my wife was about to go out the door to work she reached in the pocket of her coat and let out a surprised sort of yelp as she pulled the keys out of her pocket with her right hand. The amazing thing is that the lost keys came out of a jacket which I personally searched in looking for the keys, and it is also a jacket she wears very often.

What does this all mean? A miracle? Prayers were answered? I am not sure, all I know is what I just explained. I also know that I said a prayer, a specific prayer, and I promised to take an action in return for the prayer being answered. They keys appeared, so I made a website to honor what I offered to do in return for that. A deal is a deal.

Thank you to www.AnthonySaint.net for this story~