Monday, March 26, 2012

My Husband Came To Believe

How my husband came to believe in the power of prayer- I always ask St. Anthony's intercession when I lose things and I am always helped, but my husband was very skeptical. He always found some "logical reason" why an item had been found. In 2001, we attended a family reunion, and while there he lost his watch and a garnet ring that had belonged to his grandfather. We looked everywhere, and grasping at straws, I completely emptied my purse, but they were nowhere to be found. We had to go home (three days by train and car) without them. He was devastated.I told him to pray to St. Anthony, which he did out of desperation. After we had been home about a week, I had a feeling that I must look in my purse. Inside, right on the top, was the watch and ring! My husband became a believer right then and often tells the story of this miracle.

Thank you St. Anthony Shrine for this great story~