Friday, March 2, 2012

St. Anthony's Email Bag - I Trusted Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony has always helped me find pretty much anything I have ever lost—and for those things which he has not permit me to find, I usually turn around and thank him a couple days later for not letting them be found. Here is an instance in which this good saint has helped me:

Last month, I was looking frantically for something which I had a limited amount of time to find: the shoulder rest for my violin. I had to go to my lesson soon, and could not find it to save my life! I looked everywhere and asked everyone, but no one had seen it. Finally, I remembered Saint Anthony of Padua and how he is the patron saint of lost things. So, I asked him to help: “Dear saint Anthony, would you please help me find my shoulder rest? I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t quite find it.” I was sure he would help! And so, (as I usually do after asking the intercession of the aforesaid saint), I closed my eyes, spun around several times, and pointed. When I opened my eyes, I was staring at a blank wall. And I was so sure that he would help! Suddenly, I had an idea. I went into the room on the other side of the wall, and began to search inside the closet. While I did not find my shoulder rest, I did find a framed picture of Saint Anthony of Padua which had been trashed and left in a pile of assorted junk by my younger brothers. I just couldn’t bear to see this picture of my friend in this condition, so I took it to my room where I cleaned it really well and dabbed a little more golden paint onto the frame to cover up the places where the paint had worn away or had chipped off. Finally, when I had finished my brief yet thorough restoration, I hung it up on the wall, very pleased. But then, I looked at my watch. Barely five minutes until I had to go, and I had not found what I was looking for! And so, knowing full well that just looking for it myself would be a waste of time, I knelt down before the picture I had just hung on the wall, and begged the good Saint to please help me find my shoulder rest. I spun once again, and found myself pointing to... the laundry room of all places.... Even though in my desperation I had already looked there before, I trusted Saint Anthony and went to look, anyhow. To my surprise, there was the shoulder rest... in one of the very places I had turned upside down previously! Of course, I just had to thank dear Saint Anthony! And so, I proceeded to my violin lesson. (P.S. The picture is still hanging in my bedroom!)

Thank you to C.O., age 15, for emailing us this amazing story. Have your own testimony to share about St. Anthony and answered prayer? Email us to have it posted on our blog~