Friday, December 16, 2011

St. Anthony's Email Bag - From India

Below is an email from one of our blog readers in India. He had originally emailed us asking for prayer in October of this year about a very difficult situation at work regarding a lost file, a situation that could have lost him his job. Here is his update about that situation:

Dear Sister,

I thank our Dear Saint Anthony wonderful saint and for your prayers. Today we have found out the file, when we were searching for something else. The particular staff person had hidden their personal file which contains all their personal information including disciplinary action taken against them, when we searched for the file they also joined and searched as if it was missing from my file rake. Today they were out of station on official work, but God helped us to trace the file when they were not in the office I thank our Lord Jesus through St. Anthony and you for your prayers, please pray for my job security or I must get a good job that I have applied.


J. A. - India

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