Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lost And Found Jobs

I pray to St. Anthony all the time whenever I lose or misplace something, and I know, that if the article is there, he will help me find it (usually right away). When my husband and I lost our jobs, I prayed that St. Anthony would help us find jobs. We went a very long time without jobs, but I always believed that when the right job came along, that St. Anthony would find them for us. I got a job 6 months ago that is perfect for me. My husband just got a wonderful job that he loves. I know St. Anthony found this job for him through God's help, of course, because although he sent out numerous resumes and applied to numerous jobs, he didn't apply for this job. He was contacted by someone out of the blue. There had to be Divine Intervention. So, thank you, St. Anthony for sticking with us. Now we're working on finding a job for my daughter. I know when the right job comes along, St. Anthony will lead her to it. St. Anthony, pray for us!