Friday, December 30, 2011

Even In Little Earthly Things

When I first met my husband he gave me a birthday gift in a jewelers box, a beautiful, expensive diamond pendant, as that is my birthstone. I wore it and treasured it for many years until I became a 3rd. order Carmelite and started wearing my brown scapular along with it. One morning I woke up and although I found the chain on the floor, the pendant was missing. It must have flew off while I was changing clothes in my upstairs bedroom. For a whole YEAR I searched, never throwing away any vacuum cleaner bags even after I went through them. I was heartsick and after a year, finally decided it was gone and threw away the closit full of vacuum cleaner bags. My mom told me to pray to St. Anthony and though I had given up all hope, I did. Within an HOUR I was walking to my kitchen in the downstairs when something on the floor glinted up at me.... and as I picked up my pendant I started crying. What a blessing to know that even in little earthly things God cares about us! Thank you St. Anthony!!

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